Albert Krajewski


Gdansk, Poland

20+ years experience in Poland and internationally in real estate and renewables as onshore wind & solar/PV developer and advisor. Founder of Renewables Company (renewables advisory & development) and KAZA Real Estates (real estate development). Advisor for NEG, International M&A company based in the USA, import of modules and inverters for Polish prosumer market.

BBA Responsibility:

  • Regulations and Administration;
  • Planning & Development;


  • Advisor and co-developer of 300 MW of onshore in Poland in Greater Poland, Masovia and Pomerania Districts; responsible for land contracting, spatial planning and grid;
  • Advisor on acquisition of 50 MW pipeline of rooftop projects in the Netherlands;
  • Advisor on acquisition of 45 MW of PV projects in Italy;
  • Advisor and co-developer of 300 MW of PV greenfield projects’ origination in Delta State, Nigeria.


MBA Gdynia Maritime University. BA, Finance & Banking, Gdynia University. Technician, Istituto Tecnico Industriale G. Galilei of Rome.

Albert Krajewski