About BBA

BBA Solar (Poland) is dedicated to supporting the Polish photovoltaic market through strategic, development & construction advice and services alongside potential investors in the sector. Specific focus and experience includes M&A, strategy, all development phases, grid and all aspects of Due Diligence as well as construction, supervision and O&M. Based between Gdansk and London BBA Solar (Poland) is active across the whole development project life-cycle.

Polish photovoltaic market

The Polish photovoltaic market emerging out of a heavily coal dependent economy, and some years of distress within the Polish renewable space, is an incredibly exciting place to be showing the following characteristics:

1. Huge growth potential to solve critical issues

  • Ample location options, a key part of the diversified Polish future Energy mix;
  • Solving for critical capacity, fuel mix & structural needs of the Polish power system to avoid reserve power shortages during summer peaks;
  • 20GW PEP 2040 strategic projection for Polish PV by 2040.

2. Strong Regulation

  • CFD Auction Mechanism tried and tested;
  • Approaching 1GW of auctioned capacity to date.

3. Significant Pipeline Available

  • 2.5GW Target Pipeline of projects RTB/Mid-Late Development & Early Development mapped by BBA Solar

BBA offers to potential investors local development expertise and track record. 40 versatile technical and commercial team of professionals, who have collectively opened, developed and construct over 500 MW of renewable energy projects in Poland. We are able to manage all phases of the solar development cycle.